About us

Sithara is a stunning Wedding Music Bands in Sri Lanka under the leadership of Sanath Udugama which was initially stared based on Awissawella area. We are consists of a vibrant team of multi-talented members whose having the capability to perform at any occasion. So far we have been performing in 100 wedding as well as 50 live shows. Not only that we released 15 audio albums and 05 DVD productions thus far.

Our mission is to entertain at an affordable price without causing stress among the guest. This is the reason we are one of the most sought after bands in the industry as well. We have been appreciated and received so many creditable recommendations after the occasions. The secret behind is we are comprise of electric and acoustic music for entertaining your guest as your personal preferences. We make desired sound balancing in order to avoid a cacophonic sounds which may tire the audience.

The crowd will enjoy the music not only by listening to it but also by looking at the moving figures on the platform. For that we have arranged a collection of more than 100 songs for you to select what you want us to play at your wedding. Our team is capable of singing in four languages Sinhala, English, Hindi and Tamil for any type of music always to amaze crowds.

Sithara is not only a wedding band, we are specialized in delivering entertainment for any occasion, including corporate events, private parties and other special functions.

We are knowledgeable about not only appropriate wedding music but also other ideas that make additional value you hadn’t thought of. In addition we offer DJ services on client’s request and you can accompany it with the band also. We are also capable of supplying dancing group, disco lights, Bubble machines, fog machines, etc. according to your request.